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Explained: All the drama around Millie Gibson allegedly already leaving Doctor Who

Her replacement is apparently already filming on set for the next series

Millie Gibson has allegedly left Doctor Who as Ncuti Gatwa’s 15th Doctor’s companion Ruby Sunday before any of her season’s episodes have even aired – according to reports published over the weekend. It feels confusing considering the reports are conflicting on whether she quit or she was dropped or if this was Russell T Davies’ plan all along. Here’s everything going on with Millie Gibson allegedly departing Doctor Who so soon.

The Mirror reported the story first, claiming she was ‘dropped’


On 19th January, the Mirror reported Millie Gibson had left Doctor Who and claimed she’d been “dropped and replaced”. However, the article doesn’t really explain if she was dropped or if Ruby Sunday’s story in Doctor Who just comes to a natural close and like this was always the plan. Gibson has only aired in the Christmas special so far and apparently will now star in the eight episodes of the upcoming season in May, not star in the 2024 Christmas special and then make sporadic appearances in the 2025 season – Ncuti Gatwa’s second in the role of the Doctor.

A source told The Mirror “Millie Gibson has all but left now and there’s a brand new companion, which is really exciting. Russell is keeping things moving and isn’t letting the grass grow, that’s for sure.”

In my opinion, the departure doesn’t necessarily mean bad blood. A lot of companions on Doctor Who only do one series – Catherine Tate’s Donna, Freema Agyeman’s Martha, Pearl Mackie’s Bill. But it was jarring news to see the departure before the show even starts.

Millie Gibson is set to be replaced by Varada Sethu

According to The Mirror report, Varada has already been shooting the 2025 season on set in Cardiff. Prior to her apparent casting in Doctor Who, she’s starred in Star Wars spin-off Andor and had parts in Jurassic World: Dominion and Doctor Foster.

Variety confirmed the reports further

On January 20th, Variety solidified The Mirror’s report on Millie Gibson leaving Doctor Who.

Seemingly no bad blood between Millie Gibson and Ncuti Gatwa

The Fifteenth Doctor himself Ncuti Gate yesterday shared a picture of him and Millie Gibson in costume from an upcoming episode of Doctor Who, calling her “My lil gemini” with some emojis and a heart.

Has Millie Gibson commented on anything?

The BBC hasn’t responded to requests for comment, and Millie Gibson hasn’t addressed it directly. She did upload a vibey pic of her on holiday on Instagram though – an unbothered queen.

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