Why Fortnite vaulted trios

Okay, so why the hell has trios been removed from Fortnite?

Me and the only two Fortnite friends I have are screwed

With the latest Fortnite update from Epic Games, we finally saw the addition of the new Ranked mode to the game. But with that big addition came the removal of one of the core fundamentals of Fortnite – trios has been vaulted. Why? Why would Epic Games take away this mode from us. Granted, it’s the newest – trios came to the game in Chapter 2 Season 5, but since then it’s always been a core part of the game. If they took out solos, duos or squads there’d be riots down Pleasant Park – so why has trios been neglected and is it gone for good? Here’s all we know about why Fortnite vaulted trios in the latest update.

Epic Games tweeted out prior to the update via the official Fortnite Twitter that trios would be vaulted from the game both in Zero Build, regular and ranked modes in the game. No specific reason was given but there are a few theories in the Fortnite fandom as to why trios got vaulted.

One is that because FNCS switched to duos earlier this year Epic is moving to that configuration going forward, and the other theory amongst fans is that the trios mode contributed to longer queue times when matchmaking than the other modes did, so they’ve removed it to give the servers some relief.

But will trios ever return? It’s unclear at this time, but knowing Epic Games it’s surely on the cards. They’re likely just making tweaks and we’ll see a return in the future. But you never know – maybe we’ve trioed our last trios forever…


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