Fortnite Icon series ranked

Ranking the big celebs in the Fortnite Icon series by how wild it is they’re in the game

Khaby Lame, the most followed creator on TikTok, is allegedly in the next Battle Pass

The Fortnite Icon series is, quite frankly, wild. It’s the most chaotic combination of celebs added as skins into the game, and whilst sometimes this group of skins feels correct and inevitable like when it’s filled with YouTubers and streamers who play Fortnite, sometimes they blow your head off with the random celebs and pop stars now legging it around the Fortnite island. Here’s a ranked list of the Fortnite Icon series, by how wild it is that they’ve got skins in Fortnite.

11. Marshmello

The first ever in game concert! Marshmello in Fortnite feels less shocking than others on this ranked Icon series list, mostly because the anonymous masked DJ fits right in with the vibe of the skins anyway and he’s a mysterious character in real life.

10. Major Lazer

Fortnite Icon series ranked

Another one that just feels right in Fortnite. Debuted back in the OG days of season 10 – started as a rare skin but got moved into Icon category when that series became a thing.

9. Neymar Jr

Quite a random one. Neymar Jr was the secret Battle Pass skin for the Primal season – one extremely hated by fans. Why he turns into a robot panther thing I’ve got no clue.

8. Harry Kane

Playing as UK footie player Harry Kane in one of the biggest games in the world is deeply random, but we wish him well.

7. Mr Beast

In some ways, it’s not wild that Mr Beast is ranked amongst the Fortnite Icon series skins here because he’s the sort to shove himself into everything. Like, why can I buy chocolate and burgers from a YouTuber? Leave me alone! But it’s pretty wild that anyone would want to play as a bang average white man in a hoodie. So much so he has a second skin too.

6. J Balvin

Fortnite Icon series ranked

So wild that one of the biggest Latin stars in the world is in Fortnite, and he looks as cool as this. Mi Genie!

5. Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars

Silk Sonic in Fortnite? Erm, why not! Love that they didn’t account for Bruno Mars being tiny though. This is surely the tallest he’s ever been.

4. Travis Scott

Fortnite icon series ranked

Wild that Travis is in Fortnite just because he doesn’t seem like the type to ever want to be arsed about being in the game? Fans want him back in the item shop more than anything – and if rumours are to be believed, he could be back in the shop next season.

3. The Kid LAROI

Wild that The Kid LAROI is in Fortnite not because he’s mega famous and a big name signing but just because I’m wondering who actually demanded this? Does anyone want it? Why did he get his own cup? Beyond belief.

2. LeBron James

I mean, huge? Doesn’t even feel real? The lion skin is so wow.

1. Ariana Grande

Fortnite Icon series ranked

Words can’t describe the giddiness I felt when I saw one of my fave pop stars was joining my fave game, and this just feels crazy? Like, it’s so off brand for the game but so sickening at the same time – and she got one of the best live events ever. If only we got Lady Gaga too.

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