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As Black Mirror goes horror, Charlie Brooker says show has never been about ‘tech is bad’

Erm, have we been watching the same series?

Season six of Black Mirror on Netflix has been received, how shall we say, lukewarm? I think that’s fair. For the last two seasons, it’s felt like the once innovative and unpredictable show has just completely lost its way, floundering for stories that would never have made the cut earlier. Despite a few bangers in the latest one, the show feels more derailed as ever as it leans into horror over the near future dystopian sci-fi and technological themes that made it a success story. Responding to this, Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker says that the show’s never been about tech, apparently.

Fans aren’t happy

One fan tweeted in response to the latest season “Black Mirror was supposed to be about the dystopian potential of tomorrow’s technology. Now it’s turned into an adults modern day Goosebumps. Disappointing.” They’re not wrong – it’s exactly what it feels like has happened to the show.

Charlie Brooker, talking to GamesRadar+, said he was frustrated with this reaction to the shift in vibes of Black Mirror and basically claimed that’s not what the show has ever been about. Brooker said “I found that a bit frustrating partly because I always felt like, ‘Well the show isn’t saying tech is bad, the show is saying people are fucked up.’ So, you know, ‘Get it right!'”

It’s a bit of a jarring comment when clearly a look through 90 per cent of Black Mirror episodes tells you that the show is literally showing you dangerous technology – but go off Charlie!

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