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Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Miley Cyrus era matches your general vibe

Choosing a favourite Miley cover in this quiz was harder than my uni degree

It feels almost too good to be true saying this, but the Miley Cyrus drought is finally coming to an end. The new era is upon us, and the album cover is one that instantly rocketed into iconic territory. Endless Summer Vacation is coming, and Miley is hanging in the sky from a trapeze like the goddess she is on the album artwork. As we wait impatiently for Flowers to drop at midnight tonight, what better way to reflect on the career and legacy of an artist who consistently defied the odds as we grew up with her than a fun quiz to tell you which iconic Miley Cyrus era matches your general vibe.

Because, if there’s one thing that defines Miley Cyrus, it’s her ever changing evolution. She’s really done the impossible – evolved from a Disney child star, had her rebellious era and then consistently grew in artistic style and critical acclaim as she got older and wiser. Whether you’re more the innocence of the Hannah Montana era, the unruly controversy of the Bangerz era, the soft and understated Malibu era or the critically acclaimed superstar energy that came with Plastic Hearts – there’s only one way to find out your Miley destiny – by taking this Miley Cyrus era quiz.

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Stream all the biggest and best Miley Cyrus bops from every era in this quiz here.

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