MAFS UK 2023 dinner party

Ranking the MAFS UK cast by who came out looking worse at THAT chaotic dinner party

Still feeling unsure about why they randomly flipped to arguing in French

Okay, fair enough to MAFS UK 2o23 – last night it came through with some truly carnage telly as the dinner party descended into chaos. It was practically an all-out brawl, and everyone was gegging in with their two pence and causing friction as a spin the bottle game seemed to have dredged up conversations of infidelity. It was ridiculous, chaotic, and everyone had something to say. Here’s a ranking of who came out looking the worst from the most manic dinner party of MAFS UK 2023 so far.

13. Jordan and Erica

Erica and Jordan were literally all of us. They came across great. They just sat back there and watched the drama and vibed. Icons.

12. Shona, Ella and Bianca

My wronged girlies. Poor Bianca can’t catch a break but she seems sweet. Shona stuck to her guns and didn’t move over to Brad and wasn’t at his beck and call and Ella rightly called out Peggy’s comments. Wins all round.

11. Paul and Tasha

Uninvolved icons. We wish them the best.

10. Rozz and Thomas

They had that post shag glow, which whilst nice for them was a bit smug for my liking. I’m kidding, happy for them. And their shaggy smiles.

9. Laura and Arthur

Laura is going from queen to queen this season. Bad start but becoming an icon. Arthur was kind of in the drama but handled it great and was pretty fair with the points he made. A good night for these two.

8. Jay and Luke

Streets saying these two might have been shit stirring a bit, but there were worse crimes committed on the most chaotic dinner party of MAFS UK 2023 so far, let me tell you.

7. Terence

Poor Terence just wants an easy life and all he keeps getting it chaos on a platter. Justice for Terence!!!

6. JJ

There’s a deep evil to JJ, but it’s hard because it’s not intentional evil. He’s just one of those lads who have their priorities in all the wrong places and it’s poor Bianca having to pick up the slack. He’s staying around for the fame I fear. Hope he gets his act together.

5. Porscha

Porsche loves being on reality TV, and she’s good at it. But at the chaotic dinner party this week, I don’t think the drama was her fault at all. She got lumped with it, and clapped back accordingly. She made a scene but she was no instigator.

4. Nathanial

Just nothing this man says at all comes across as genuine. Everything feels scripted and insincere, and I don’t vibe with it at all.

3. Brad

At this point, Brad can walk through the door and he’d be in the top three of who comes across worst. Atrocious vibes. Avoid.

2. Georges

I like Georges, but he shit stirred last night. Terence was right: If he was genuinely arsed he’d have pulled Terence privately and not made a scene. Although, then again, we are here to make a TV show I guess and Georges did just that. I don’t think he came across very well to the rest of the group though.

1. Peggy

Yikes, unfortunately. There’s a mean girl vibe to Peggy this episode that I don’t like at all – and feel like she rubbed up every girl in the room badly. Especially poor Ella. Let’s just say stuff to people’s faces methinks

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