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Luke Jordan MAFS UK

Luke says MAFS producers ‘set up’ the fight with Jordan and Channel 4 has responded

He claims production were ‘in his ear’ telling him to go to Jordan’s apartment

Luke Worley from MAFS UK has claimed since leaving the show on Monday that the explosive fight with Jordan was set up by producers, with people working behind the scenes to encourage him to go around there and kick off.

Speaking on Jordan Brook’s Into The Barbershop podcast, Luke said “I can’t say too much because I don’t want to tarnish… but certain people going in my ear ‘look, you’re not going to look like a real man if you’re going to let someone get away with upsetting your missus on TV’ and all that. They was in my ear saying that sort of stuff, so I was getting f***ing p***ed off.

“They were like ‘come and see Jordan’, so obviously I assumed Jordan knew there was a camera crew coming down with me. So I went down there. I was at this point fuming, so I was like ‘bang, bang, bang’ on his door. Jordan opens the door, I’m fuming. This man has made my wife cry and tried to ruin my relationship. Even though I was at his door, I was told to go to his door, I hadn’t planned to go there.”

The tense confrontation

Giving a statement to The Sun regarding these claims yesterday, Channel 4 responded “The wellbeing of cast and crew is our utmost priority at all times throughout production and beyond. We have a zero tolerance policy towards violence and we take any behaviour of this nature very seriously.

“Luke wanted to speak with Jordan which we gave him the opportunity to do on return to the apartments. Following the events that unfolded, we took prompt action as soon as this incident occurred, and Luke was subsequently removed from the experiment.”

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