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Brad MAFS UK memes

Brad’s behaviour on MAFS UK last night was bad vibes and these reactions prove it

If someone I was married to told me I’d ‘passed the test’ I’d be divorcing

Brad and Shona started off their journey on Married at First Sight UK this year as the ones to watch for MAFS 2023. Loved up, loads of sexual chemistry and an intensity with each other that felt mutual and sealed the deal as what felt like a perfect match. But it was too much, too intense – and now as we embark on week three of the process the cracks have well and truly began to show. And viewers all over X / Twitter were not letting their feelings be concealed – here are the best memes and tweets about Brad and his behaviour on MAFS UK last night.

1. He can’t help himself, can he?

2. We need to abolish the pseudo-spirtuality

3. The lovebombing on display has been insane

4. Honestly what the hell is going on in his head?

5. We have to let out a small chuckle

6. Points have perhaps been made I fear

— B (@Belothie) October 2, 2023

Firstly, fuck off. Secondly, maybe Brad should’ve asked for someone who definitely had a child since no one else could possibly be responsible. 😡#MAFSUK🤵🏾

— MAFS Hysteria (@MAFShysteria) October 2, 2023

8. DO NOT tell AR SHONA to shush – ever!

9. I need answers on why he thought it appropriate to tell the other couples the ins and outs of their sex life

10. If you don’t think you have to responsible to look after dogs you might as well literally say you’ve never owned a dog – be for REAL

Time will tell throughout this week if the bad Brad vibes are right.

MAFS UK 2023 continues tonight on E4, for more like Brad memes and for all the memes and gossip, like The Holy Church of MAFS on Facebook.

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