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Um, Taylor Swift might have just confirmed she vapes on Lost Marys?

Phillip Schofield and Taylor Swift having the same taste in vape is sending me

Right, guys – not to panic, but streets are saying that Taylor Swift has just low key confirmed herself as partial to a Lost Mary vape. If you too are a Lost Mary purchaser, you can now rest in the knowledge that one of the most famous women in the world and arguably the biggest pop star on the planet still parts with her cash on the same fruity, silly little vape that you puff away on in some naff club’s smoking area.

In a video shared by Keleigh Teller on her Instagram story, one of Taylor’s friends, Taylor is filming and is showing off the rather huge ring she got for her birthday that fans assumed was from her boyfriend Travis Kelce. It was actually a gift from Keleigh, but more importantly at one point Taylor pans the camera across the kitchen counter and there’s a Lost Mary vape right there.

Obviously, this might not be Taylor’s. It could belong to Keleigh Teller or her husband Miles. Who knows! But I personally choose to believe Taylor Swift spends an evening on her vape just like the rest of us for my own amusement. A nice little relatable Christmas present from Taylor to me.

Most fans are dragging the massive ring, too – but I’m hyper fixated on the Lost Mary. Blueberry? Mad Blue? Blue Razz? Who could say.

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