Selena Gomez lip reader

Professional lip reader says Selena Gomez definitely was gossiping about Kylie and Timothée

Literally can’t keep up

Just when you think you know the full story now of Selena Gomez allegedly gossiping about Timothée Chalomet and Kylie Jenner to Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes, another revelation comes to light. After the saga of yesterday, a source claimed to People magazine exclusively that Selena Gomez was “absolutely not” discussing Kylie and Timothée – but the latest twist in the tale is the Daily Mail got a professional forensic lip reader in to give his verdict on the very important big saga of 2024.

Professional forensic lip reader Jeremy Freeman told The Mail that according to his expert opinion, this is what was said:

Selena Gomez: “He didn’t want a picture with me, he said no.”
Keleigh Sperry: “Timothée?”
*Gomez nods*
Taylor Swift (whispering into Selena’s ear): “I tried, I couldn’t, it’ll upset ’em.”

So, according to the lip reader, that’s what Selena Gomez was saying on that table conversation that stole all the thunder from Sunday night’s Golden Globes 2024 ceremony – where Gomez was nominated for her role in the acclaimed Only Murders in the Building. Taylor Swift and Selena have been close friends for many years, so it makes sense if she was gossiping she’d be spilling it to her.

In an exclusive to People magazine, a source has said that’s not what happened at all. “She was absolutely not referencing anything about Timothée or Kylie.” The source then says she apparently “never even saw or spoke to them.

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