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You knew it was coming! It’s time to tuck into boy dinner

It’s got its own little TikTok jingle for the LADS

It was only a matter of time, lads. You knew it, I knew it, we knew it. The meteoric rise of girl dinner on TikTok was not going to go unchallenged by its male counterparts forever, and sure enough we are now living through the emergence of BOY DINNER. It’s even got its own cute little jingle for the boys to show their scum meals with! What more could you ask for? Here’s a rundown of what boy dinner is and some examples of the boy dinners we’ve been tucking right into on TikTok so far…

Okay, I’ll bite: What’s boy dinner

Considering girl dinner was all about those silly little meals that we nosh on that are barely meals at all, boy dinner is the exact same but obviously from a lad’s perspective. Gone are the pickles and strawberries and fruity vapes and in roll the cans of Monster, family bags of Doritos or a grim little microwaveable Rustlers burger. The kind of food most of us would shudder at but when you’re a seedy fella in a pinch they just hit the juicy little culinary spot. We’ve all been there!


boy dinner #boydinner #girldinner @karma carr

♬ Boy Dinner by Arkane Skye – Arkane Skye              🪳

Arkane Skye on TikTok is the first lad to have created the boy dinner sound, and it actually goes even harder than the girl dinner jingle. It’s kind of angelic and beautiful?

What kind of boy dinners have been shared on TikTok so far?

So glad you asked so I get to share some ugly meals with you as a matter of urgency. Arkane Skye’s boy dinner and the first TikTok was last over pizza under a duvet in a dirty bedroom. Others include bags of sweets, noodles, cans of Mountain Dew and a protein bar. Shock.


Hit all the food groups with this one #girldinner #boydinner #fypシ

♬ Boy Dinner by Arkane Skye – Arkane Skye              🪳


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