Introducing Ella: The first trans bride on Married at First Sight UK

She lives with her nan and I love that for her

Married at First Sight UK is very almost back, and with this season comes a MAFS first – a trans bride will be walking down the aisle. Ella Morgan Clark is making herstory on the show – so here’s all you need to know about her before this year’s season of MAFS UK starts!

Right, who is Ella Clark then?

Ella is 29 and from Weston-super-Mare. She lives with her nan and works as a clinic consultant – a vibey combo that works in tandem with her glam Instagram vibes. Ella says there’s “No one in the world she’s closer to” than her nan.

“This experiment is so much more than just me getting married. I see this as a big deal for someone who has transition,” she told Channel 4 ahead of her appearance on MAFS UK.

She’s got the cutest dog ever

I would simply die for Ivan Morgan Clark to be honest.

Her Insta is filled with glam holidays and vibey nights out

I mean, the Kat Slater comment in the caption and the absolutely slay pic? I just know she’s going to be an icon this season and I can’t wait to see Ella kill it on MAFS UK.

She’s already seemingly getting pally with the last season’s alumni over on the socials. 2022’s MAFS UK cast like Thomas Hartley and Lara Eyre have already been commenting on her posts bigging her up. Let’s hope she causes as much chaos as Thomas did so we can all be in for a wild ride.

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