Love Sarah Lancashire in Happy Valley? Here’s everything else you need to watch her in

She needs her Olivia Colman Oscar nominated era next

Let’s make no bones about it: Sarah Lancashire is the best thing about Happy Valley. Everyone else in the cast is of course great, Sally Wainwright is an excellent writer – but it is Sarah Lancashire and her talent alone that make this show head and shoulders above its peers. Her talent as an actor is astounding; her depth, range and warmth combined with a ferocity just makes you not be able to take your eyes off her. With Happy Valley coming to an end, here are some other shows starring Sarah Lancashire for you to binge watch.

Last Tango in Halifax

If you love Happy Valley, you need to be watching Sarah Lancashire in Sally Wainwright’s other huge show that ran for five seasons and saw Sarah play a middle class headteacher with a queer storyline!


Last year’s acclaimed HBO show Julia starred Sarah Lancashire as celeb chef Julia Child – the person who pretty much pioneered cooking shows. It’s so great seeing Sarah Lancashire getting these high profile American prestige shows. Watch it!


Kiri was a Channel 4 mini series centred on the abduction of nine-year-old Kiri – Sarah Lancashire plays her social worker. It’s a gritty one written by the excellent Jack Thorne.

The Accident

Sarah Lancashire shows

Another Jack Thorne Channel 4 miniseries here, in this one Sarah Lancashire plays Polly and the story is about people from a Welsh village fighting for justice after an explosion kills several local children.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

Sarah Lancashire shows

In one of the most iconic castings, Sarah Lancashire plays the titular Jamie’s mother in the film adaptation of the hit musical. Oh to be a young baby gay cuddled by Sarah Lancs. We can dream!

Raquel’s Coronation St best bits

If you want a truly iconic Sarah Lancashire blast from the past, get on YouTube and watch her Corrie best bits. She was legendary as Raquel Watts, a true soap legend and her hilarious performance is what catapulted her into the acting legend she is these days. The French lesson with Ken Barlow is CLASSIC.

Happy Valley season three airs Sundays at 9pm on BBC One, but you can refresh yourself by watching the boxset on iPlayer.

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