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Year after year, the worst thing about MAFS UK is the nightmarish friends of the cast

Laura, I’ll be your mate instead

As certain as the fact that two people will indeed get married at first sight, you know full well that the MAFS UK cast will introduce us to two of the most unlikeable friends imaginable. This happens every single year. Without fail. All will be well for one of our couples wedded at first glance, and then in storms a pair of friends who seem to want nothing but the destruction of the relationship. It’s incredibly jarring, it’s not enjoyable drama and nobody comes out of it happy – the worst thing about MAFS UK year after year are the friends. And this year, Laura’s friends are the most villainous we’ve seen yet.

To be honest, we should have seen this coming. They had a lot to say at the wedding of Laura and Arthur – although this can be somewhat forgiven. It’s hardly a normal situation watching your best mate marry a stranger, and of course you’re going to proceed with caution when sussing out who that man might be. Obviously, Arthur getting his vows off the internet hardly set the lad off in good stead, but if Laura’s moved on surely so should they?

Homestay week on MAFS UK this week saw Laura take Arthur to Chelsea for lunch with her mates, whose names escape me. The names do not matter, as these girls have fashioned themselves purely on being some form of posh girl bouncers who protect Laura from people who don’t have trust funds. A sheepish Arthur sits down braced for the worst, and they reassure him that it’s not going to be bad. They then grill him for the entire time, making him end up stick up for himself and explain he’s not actually there to impress them and Laura’s opinion is the only one that matters. Which is true. Obviously, it’s important for friends to like your partner but perhaps if your friends are these two a rethink is needed.

Laura doesn’t really take a side in the ensuing verbal scrap between her pals and her husband, but it’s clear to anyone with sense watching that Arthur was in the right and the two Chelsea adoring girlies were on another planet. I don’t know if the MAFS UK production team encourage the friends to be the most evil they could possibly be, but it comes off as just plain weird. It’s not enjoyable or even chaotic, it’s just unpleasant.

The same thing happened last year with Adrian’s friend, who was grilling Thomas within an inch of his life whenever she got the chance. I don’t know if these gals are just making the most of their little E4 moment or if that’s genuinely what they’re like, but I look at the relationships I have with my friends and thank the GODS that I know for a fact no one would behave like that. My mates love me and if I’m happy with someone, even if they didn’t like this person – they’d either talk about it amongst themselves or have a word with me privately. They wouldn’t try and annihilate my poor husband on national TV.

MAFS UK, enough with the friends already. Free us.

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