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Titanic submarine trip

Here’s a full rundown of what your Titanic submarine trip would look like if you paid $250k

You’re in the sub for 12 hours, but the whole trip lasts 10 days

With the missing Titanic submarine still all anyone can think about, if you’re anything like me you’re probably wondering what the entire Titan submersible mission from OceanGate Expeditions is actually meant to be like should disaster not have stricken. We’ve all seen the videos of the size of the Titan and what is actually inside of it, but it’s only about 12 hours you spend in there and if you were off on such a trip you’d be spending $250,000. The entire trip lasts 10 days – so here’s everything you’d be doing if you went on the OceanGate Titan submarine trip to see the Titanic wreck. Not that I think many people will be doing going forward, but still – hypothetically.

8 days at sea, 10 day trip

If you book to go on this, you set sail in a chartered oil rig servicing ship from Newfoundland for 8 days at sea – with the Titan submersible on board. It takes two days at sea to get to where the wreck of the Titanic actually is – about 400 miles from St Johns. The ship is filled with all kinds of different adventurers coming to the trip from all over the world – most very rich, some very corporate who’ve been obsessed with the Titanic their whole lives.

You have to sign a waiver before you can get in the Titan

Before divers can go down in the sub, you have to sign a waiver that says “An experimental submersible vessel that has not been approved or certified by any regulatory body and could result in physical injury, disability, emotional trauma or death.”

The weather can stop your plans instantly

Just because you’ve paid the money and set off on the big ship doesn’t mean it’s a done deal. Scientists aboard can call off the trip down in the sub at any time due to weather or other factors. It can be hit and miss if you would actually even get to go down.

If that happens, sometimes you can dive elsewhere

When CBS were sent last year on a trip with OceanGate, the weather stopped them from going to the wreck but they attempted a dive to see shark breeding grounds 80 miles away.

What else do you do when waiting about?

When you’re on the boat, you can observe sea life, have tours of the ship, watch the crazy weather in the Atlantic or hang out with the scientists who come about to learn more about the marine science surrounding the wreck and other factors.

You can read the official description of the OceanGate Titanic wreck submarine trip here

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