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An ode to farmer Will: The Islander singlehandedly making winter Love Island a joy

Oh to be a sheep having its arse shaved by Will

When you see someone from TikTok has been scouted to be an Islander on the latest season of Love Island, you’d be more than forgiven for rolling your eyes so hard they might flop out of your skull. The thought of a big influencer or TikTokker coming on the show is tedious – but this year has proven us all wrong. It turns out it’s not the app or the follower count that’s the problem, it’s the choice of creator that matters. Farmer Will has proven the stereotype wrong – and here’s an ode to why he’s been the shining, wholesome light of winter Love Island .

Okay first of all, his TikTok is heaven on earth

I feel sorry for Farmer Will, because he just is not in his element in that Love Island villa. He’s doing the best he can in his little shorts and sliders, and crappy looking summer shirts. But the truth of the matter is when he isn’t amongst the flocks of sheep and Barbour jackets that he calls home, he simply is not at his fittest. For his fittest, look how adorable his TikToks are.


Can you believe the mess these lambs make #willandlambs #ukfarming

♬ original sound – Farmer Will

Bless her x


The things you do for love… #willandlambs #ukfarming #adoptmyflock

♬ original sound – Farmer Will

The little spank at the end, I-…

He’s so unintentionally hilarious

I need to know why he’s like a walking sitcom because comedy writers on E4 would sacrifice a Victorian orphan to get laughs like that.

Like is he in on the joke? Is he being overly earnest for meta comedy value? I have no clue at this point, but I love every second.

He is who he is

— SHiiKANE (@Shiikane) January 24, 2023

One of the most refreshing things about Farmer Will is that he doesn’t conform to the blokey standards of the kind of fellas who usually storm into a Love Island villa. He doesn’t care about being emotional or giddy or silly, he’s just true to himself. The complete opposite of toxic.

The dancing, the hyping

A full on dance fresh out of the Inbetweeners Movie School of Choreography, I bet the Love Island producers were laughing their way to the bank when they saw him doing this carnage and I honestly don’t blame them. So ick but so endearing.

He makes the girls feel comfortable and gasses them up to no end, and after the years we’ve just endured slagging off how evil and toxic the men are what a gorgeous breath of fresh air it is, honestly.

Never forget the Sims clip 

Perhaps one for my own comedy enjoyment here rather than a full on reason why he’s great but I’m sorry his little in the pool Mexican wave is intrinsic to how funny this is.

Destroying toxic masculinity one sheep at a time

But really, what makes Farmer Will and his inclusion on Love Island so special is he’s setting a precedent for men to go onto this show who aren’t hyper masculine, who might get called gay by random viewers for being so comfortable in their own skin and sexuality, and not worrying about if they come across as too feminine on TV.

Everyone branded him an ick at first because his personality was jarring to what people expected, but look what happens when you give different people a chance? The world slowly falls in love with the shift. Protect him at all costs.

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