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Ranked: The 10 unquenchable UK towns and cities with the highest demand for Prime

Number two is so rogue

Something shifted in the universe when Logan Paul and KSI released Prime. Something shifted… For the worse. Prime has gone viral. It has made monsters of men and gremlins of children. The whole country seems to have been consumed by an icy grip of the throat and forced to run riot in Aldi and push people to the floor to grab a bottle of what is essentially coconut water with a few vitamins lobbed in. We all know Wakey Wines is peddling the drink to demand like no tomorrow, but where in the UK actually is after Prime the most? In data acquired by Gambling N’ Go, we’ve got the information on which city has the highest demand for Prime. Here’s the top 10, ranked!

10. Lancaster

Kicking off the top 10 is Lancaster. In the last 12 months, the city has seen on average 470 searches for Prime per month.

9. Leeds

Leeds is in ninth. Across the last 12 months as Prime went more and more viral, the city secured itself as one of the UK locations with the highest demand for the drink with an average of 8,250 searches per month .


The lads came from hull to buy a bottle of prime and WFD sweets thanks boys#wakeywines #wfdsweets

♬ original sound – Wakey Wines

8. Birmingham

In eight place is Birmingham, who are absolutely loving Prime apparently! With a population of 1.1 mil, they’ve got a monthly average of 12,470 across a 12 month period. It’s the only West Midlands location to make the top 10!

7. Derby

The only East Midlands representation coming in seventh – Derby gets an estimated 2,850 searches out of its 248,700 population.

6. Belfast

Coming in sixth is Belfast, the only representation in the top 10 from Northern Ireland. With 3,430 average monthly searches, this equals 12.21 monthly searches per 1,000 people.

5. Manchester

TOP FIVE TIME! And we’re kicking it off with my personal hometown – although I promise none of the searches are from me because I have a life. Manchester has 6,440 monthly searches, equaling 12.38 monthly searches per 1,000 people.


From Manchester for 5 Bottles of Prime #wakeywines #wfdsweets #prime

♬ original sound – Wakey Wines

4. Newcastle

Doing it for the North East, Newcastle is fourth. With a total of 3,750 average monthly searches, Newcastle’s figures of 13.54 monthly searches per 1,000 are 65 per cent greater than the national average.

3. Glasgow

Getting a bronze medal is Scotland’s only appearance in the top 10. With 16.25 monthly searches per 1000 people, its figures are 98 per cent greater than the national average. Around 9,730 searches for Prime drinks are made in Glasgow each month.

2. Blackburn

Quite a rogue runner up here: It’s Blackburn in second when it comes to the highest Prime demand cities in the UK. This is due to Blackburn residents searching 113% greater than the national average at 17.43 searches per 1,000. There are around 1,850 monthly searches for Prime drinks in Blackburn.

1. Liverpool

Sitting either proudly or shamefully depending on your perspective at the top of the ranking is Liverpool! With 17.96 monthly searches per 1,000 people. This means around one in 60 Scousers are searching for the drink each month. Liverpool’s figures are 119% greater than the national average of 8.19 searches per 1,000 people.

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