Halloween horror film trivia quiz

‘What’s your favourite scary movie?’: The ultimate horror trivia quiz to take this Halloween

Unless you’re too scared, of course x

Happy Halloween one and all – the best holiday of all holidays for those of us who’ve dedicated our lives to the spooky, the scary and the macabre horror films of this world. Halloween is the time of year where even your friends who say they hate horror films have to end up watching at least one, and this horror film trivia quiz will check if you were paying attention and if you’re a fan of the genre at all. Films from all subgenres and across the decades will need to have been seen if you fancy getting a decent score on this.

What better way to celebrate Halloween than a quick fire lightning round test of your horror film trivia, and this quiz will put you through your paces. Revise your final girls, your horror auteurs, your big box office franchises and your niche spookfests and see how well you fare in our horror film Halloween trivia quiz ready for 2023.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch at least five horror films whilst eating all the sweets intended for trick or treaters.

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