Monica Beverly Hillz All Stars 8

Not a soul can clock! How Monica Beverly Hillz went viral by winning the IDGAF wars

‘Not a soaking clock!’

Who would have thought when the cast of All Stars 8 came out that the ironically iconic runaway icon of the season would be none other than Monica Beverly Hillz? Not I! But from the moment she came out in the girl group challenge with her hushed toned verse of “Sophisticated glam with a banjee twist / MBH is her name, fish, fish, fish” she instantly won the idgaf wars, a camp queen by accident. It’s funny and hypnotic in equal measure – and it’s made Monica Beverly Hillz even more of an icon. But nobody was prepared for how that was going to rocket once the eliminated queens came back for a talent show to compete for an advantage in the Fame Games. Monica Beverly Hillz performed her talent show number and became instantly gay viral thanks to her repetition of “Not a soul can clock” on All Stars 8.

Monica Beverly Hillz looked stunning as she strutted out to perform her original song, a housey bop with a muted delivery that just makes it even more iconic. The clip has gone viral because despite MBH saying “Not a soul can clock” it sounds like she’s saying all kinds, specifically “Not a soaking clock. Twitter is memeing it to death and it’s iconic.

It trended on Twitter, for god’s sake.

Edits are coming in thick and fast too, I particularly am vibing with this slick little Break My Soul edit.

Everyone is claiming it sounds like every word in the English language when you deep it, which is kind of sending me under but also makes perfect sense. When you’ve listened to it enough times you can hear any word you want.

But the worst thing about Monica Beverly Hillz going viral with her Drag Race All Stars 8 superstar moment “Not a soul can clock” is that she’s not even enjoying it. The drag icon has said she wants to come off Twitter, which is breaking my heart.

“Time to erase this Twitter, I’m over all the negativity it’s draining! I can’t have one moment of joy” she wrote, but since then she has started retweeting the memes so maybe she’s come around to her viral moment. If I was MBH I’d be leaning right into it – this is her Let Loose!

What’s even better is because of this viral moment, a lot of fans are sharing that they’re now going to be voting for Monica Beverly Hillz in the Fame Games. This silly little Twitter laugh might just make her a fortune!

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