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Mistress Isabelle Brooks speaks out after Drag Race fans claim she was harsh on Loosey

‘Stop finding reasons to talk about me, just admit you’re obsessed’

Mistress Isabelle Brooks has posted a statement on Twitter after fans have spent the week coming for her and Luxx after last episode of Drag Race season 15 – where the competition really heated up and tensions flared between the two and Loosey LaDuca. After debating roles during the Rusical rehearsals and a heated “Who should go home tonight”, some fans have accused Mistress and Luxx of being mean girls and some have even thrown the word ‘bully’ around. Particular criticism was flung Mistress’ way for cheering on Salina in the lip sync – and Mistress is over it.

Firstly were the fake accusations that Mistress had kicked off with production and demanded she is safe from the lip sync, with her saying in response “Let’s take a second and use our brain. No contestant is calling the shots with anything on production side. If I did say that, that would’ve made great TV and would’ve been a sickening moment. Stop finding reasons to talk about me, just admit you’re obsessed.”

A clip started circulating of the Drag Race lip sync between Loosey LaDuca and Salina EsTitties where Mistress can be heard hyping up Salina by saying “Come on Salina eat her up bitch.” Some fans tried to brand this as mean girl behaviour and that Mistress was being a bad sport, to which Mistress said: “Y’all saying I was coming for Loosey again in this moment, go back and watch Marcia Vs Anetra to Boss Bitch. I scream to Marcia to eat her up and get Anetra, then a second later say the same to Anetra.  y’all doing too mf much. I’ma always hype the girls up. I want a show.

“People forget it’s the editors job to make the show come to life and portray it as accurately as possible from multiple POVs. I’m sure it’s not an easy job to appease 16 girls. The issue is people don’t allow themselves to just enjoy it for what it is… a TV show.”

A fan then said the producers purposefully highlighted what Mistress said to cause and build drama, to which Mistress iconically responded: “As they should. That shit is funny as fuck.

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