Drake responded nudes leaked

A video of Drake’s nudes has allegedly leaked and he’s responded in the most Drake way

Um… I am looking respectfully

A video of Drake masturbating has circled online, and he’s responded in the best way possible. A video of Drake masturbating on his private jet trended on Twitter, and now the rapper has actually responded to his leaked nudes. Not only confirming it is indeed him, but taking it all in good humour.

The video allegedly shows Drake masturbating on his private jet – it looks like him pretty clearly, but the phone is in front of his face as he films. He’s on a private jet. Living his best life. Drake has now responded to it leaking after his mate Adin Ross left him a voice note mentioning the video – and to be honest, it’s an iconic response.

Adin asks to see the video and then says he’s going to send Drake a voice message whilst the live stream is still going on “I’m still live bro, we were just looking at this sh*t. Goddamn, you were blessed with your voice, you’re blessed with performing, you’re blessed with being number one but you’re also blessed to have a f*cking missile.”

Drake text Adin back and Adin says “He put like eight laughing emojis.” Another fella on the livestream says “He doesn’t care? Because I wouldn’t either if my sh*t was like that one.” Adin then says Drake texts again saying Adin’s voice note might be his next album intro. I actually need that to happen.

Obviously, we only have Adin Ross’ word on if this is actually Drake texting him back or not, but it seems exactly how Drake would respond to all this.

No, we won’t be linking the video of leaked nudes from Drake here – the fact he responded will have to be enough. Go to horny jail!

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