Predicting which Love Island All Stars ‘couples’ will split up first

Callum and Jess won’t even last until the airport home

Love Island All Stars was a flop in many regards, but where it flopped definitively was in the way no couples were even really feeling like actual couples. Do these people like each other more than for the sake of the show? Are these real relationships or just villa dalliances? Who knows – but to me, it feels over before it began. Even the winners, Tom Clare and Molly Smith, barely feel like a real couple. So – in good, classic, Mystic Meg fashion – here’s my predictions on which Love Island All Stars couples are going to split first.

Adam and Arabella: A month or two x

Love Island All Stars split

Erm, call me optimistic! But I actually think these two might have a nice few weeks of dating following their time on the show. There was a bit of a spark, they just didn’t get to do much with it in the villa. There are all those rumours of Adam having a girlfriend on the outside but let’s forget about that and say something nice for a change.

Anton and Georgia H: A week

Love Island All Stars split


Look. I think these two are just mates. I’m not sure they fully know that that is all they are, but a bit of British air and rain will help them realise.

Toby and Georgia S: Three months

Love Island All Stars split


Say what you want about these two but they were willing to cause upset in the villa to prove they liked each other – so maybe they’ll get a few months and a photoshoot out of it after all. Who needs 50k?

Josh and Sophie: Six months


You know what, they probably should have won. I feel like these are the two who are genuinely the most into each other. I can see them doing a decent stint on the outside but nothing for the history books.

Callum and Jess: Until the airport home


Not a crumb of romance in sight, my loves.

Tom and Molly: Three weeks


Look. Both alright people, Molly a lovely girl, Tom a bit boring. Enjoyed each other in the villa, but no spice. It isn’t happening. Over before it begins. They won, but the Love Island All Stars split will come thick and fast.

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