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TikTok Disney 100

Right, what the hell is this Disney 100 card game all over TikTok rn?

Everyone’s desperate for the Mirabel card

Over the weekend my TikTok FYP has become swarmed, nay, POLLUTED, with videos all about Disney 100 cards – some weird, card collecting that has people going feral. I have never cared about Disney in my life, really – let alone celebrating 100 years of the company. But here we are, and everyone on your home page is hunting feverishly to get their hands on virtual cards. What the hell is going on, may I ask? Here’s all you need to know about the Disney 100 cards on TikTok right now.

It’s all for Disney’s 100th anniversary

Disney has basically collaborated with TikTok to celebrate the 100th birthday, and the 100 cards card game that’s doing the rounds is a way for people to join in the fun – if you’re into that sort of thing. To find it, search Disney 100 into your TikTok search bar and click on the garish banner. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see all the character cards for whatever week it’s currently on – four in total. You’ll get a stack of cards and then will be able to start filling in the characters. If you get multiple of a certain one, you can send them to your friends on TikTok. I love Coco, but if I get another Miguel card I’m going to scream.

Collecting all the cards in the end for each week gets you a unique frame for your profile. At the time of writing this, the current one is Loki’s horn helmet.

There’s daily stuff you can do to get more cards, like posting a TikTok video or opening the Disney+ app. Or following an official Disney account on TikTok. It becomes pretty clear to see that this is all just an advertising scheme to get more engagement for Disney, of course! But have fun hunting down the cards. And send me Mirabel.

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