Since he’s back on the market, take this quiz and we’ll tell you if Paul Mescal would date you

Question one: Do you own a pair of GAA shorts?

“I’ve been able to give up smoking for periods of time. But I’m always looking for the excuse to start again. I’m always like, God, I hope something f*cking bad happens so I can start smoking. So, I’m smoking again — read into that what you will,” said Paul Mescal, on his recent appearance on the Off Menu podcast. What I’m reading into that line is all the confirmation I’ve needed that Paul and his rumoured fiancée Phoebe Bridgers are over. It’s sad, but the silver lining is that now you can finally found out if Paul Mescal would actually date you via this extremely scientific quiz.

It’s common knowledge at this point that when it comes to fit men, they don’t come fitter than Paul. Like sure, we fancy him, but how well do you really know him? For this quiz I took a deep dive into the Paul Mescal lore available to me online to work out his likes and dislikes, and so you can take this quiz to find out if Paul Mescal would date you with complete confidence that it’s 100 per cent (allegedly) accurate. I hope you’ve refined your food, drink and film taste – you’re going to need it!

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