Okay what the hell are Elux Legend vapes, and are they actually illegal?

They’ll forever be known as highlighter vapes to me

If your ventures into the smoking areas are anything like mine, you’ll have clocked that amongst the sea of Elf Bars and Lost Marys comes a new, chunkier beast – the mythical ‘highlighter vapes’ known as an Elux Legend Bar. These are especially prevalent in the north for some reason, but are making their way all across the country. Streets are saying these Elux Legend Bar vapes are actually illegal – but what actually are they and are they genuinely against the law?

What is an Elux?

Elux Legend Bar vapes are disposable vapes, chunkier than Elf Bar because they’re more expensive and last for longer but come in a similar range of colours and flavours.

Are Elux Legend Bar vapes illegal?

Okay, it depends. It is illegal if there is nicotine inside the vape, which of course Elux Legend Bar vapes have 3500 puffs in them, compared to the 600 in your standard disposable vape like Elf Bar. The law in the UK permits no more than 2 ml of e-liquid, and if a vape can produce 3500 puffs then it has to have way more than that – which is why the Elux Legend Bar vapes are against the law to be sold in the UK if they do actually contain nicotine.

According to Vapoholic, If you can buy one with nicotine in, it basically means that the place you bought them from is breaking the law and that the vape doesn’t conform to regulatory standards. Basically, anything could be in it and they aren’t being bought reputably.

I know they’re not quite the same with their measly 600 puffs, but probably better to stick to your Elf Bars whilst they’re still being sold legally if you aren’t quite ready to kick the vaping habit altogether.

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