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Salina EsTitties ripped up Loosey LaDuca’s picture after she got eliminated on Drag Race

‘It had Loosey in shambles’

The RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 drama and piping hot tea keeps sloshing and spilling, especially at Roscoe’s Tavern! Following Salina EsTitties sashaying away, a behind the scenes shady story has emerged involving Salina EsTitties ripping up Loosey LaDuca’s picture after Loosey beat her in the Drag Race lip sync. CARNAGE!

Mistress Isabelle Brooks explained the story from the beginning. On Drag Race, when the queens film the confessionals they have printed pictures of everyone that they use for continuity, so everyone knows what they looked like in confessionals filmed previously. Salina EsTitties then says after her Drag Race elimination, she was upset and when she went to film her confessional she saw the picture of Loosey LaDuca and ripped it up, leaving it for the girls to find the next morning.


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Anetra then says: “Any time a girl got eliminated and we came to do our confessionals, in the green room we would take their photo and put it on the wall like ‘the fallen’, and the next morning we were like ‘Okay, time to go put Loosey up’ and, bitch… shredded.”

Mistress goes on to explain “So, she cut up Loosey’s picture and left it there after she got eliminated and then when we walked in Loosey turns to me and says ‘Mistress, why’d you do this?’ and I’m like, bitch! I’m not a morning person at all, so I go what the fuck are you talking about? She says you just ripped up my picture and I’m like babe, we just walked in together – did I f*cking teleport in here?

“So we figure out Salina did it, and that had Loosey in shambles. She was like, ‘I can’t believe she did that’.”