Hogwarts Legacy has been pushed back AGAIN on last gen consoles, but when is it releasing?

Switch players have never known impatience like this

Hogwarts Legacy has sold a ridiculous amount of copies and has had fans of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World in a broom riding chokehold as they romp through the valleys of Scotland exploring the insanely detailed world that the developers at Avalanche have created, but the fun isn’t for everyone yet. Despite initially being planned to launch on all platforms, current gen and last, the release date for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players was pushed back and has just been pushed back AGAIN. And the wait for Nintendo Switch players is even longer than that. Here’s the Hogwarts Legacy release date for last gen consoles and why the Xbox One and PS4 versions got another delay and push back.

It’s not releasing til May, and even longer for Switch

The old gen console release date for Hogwarts Legacy was due for early April, but now it’s been pushed back to May 5th, with the Nintendo Switch release not coming until July 25th. The announcement of the push back came with a short but sweet message from the devs, saying “The team is working hard to deliver the best possible experience on all platforms and we need more time to do this.

“We’re overwhelmed with gratitude for the response to Hogwarts Legacy from fans around the globe.”

Hogwarts Legacy has been controversial and has garnered criticism throughout its development due to transphobic remarks from franchise creator JK Rowling made since 2020. Avalanche, the developers of the game, have said she is not involved at all – but it is likely since she owns the IP rights to the franchise that she will profit from the sales.

To learn more about transgender rights or lend your support, please check out the charity Mermaids in the UK.

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