Doja Cat album cover

Erm, why do Doja Cat and a German metal band’s new albums have nearly the same cover?

Doja Cat has now deleted the album announcement post on Instagram since the internet clocked on

Something a bit weird is going on. On Tuesday, Doja Cat announced her next album would be out on September 22nd, and with it came a picture of the album cover – a pink spider with a little drop of blood on it. The album cover was designed by Dusty Ray. The following day, August 30th. PopCrave posted on Twitter that the album cover is seemingly exactly the same as one by German metal band Chaver, who are releasing their album Of Gloom on September 22nd. Which, even more weirdly, is the exact same date Doja Cat will release her album Scarlet. Dusty Ray designed both album covers. So, what the hell is going on with the Doja Cat album cover saga?

The internet’s confused

There’s a lot of hype surrounding Doja Cat releasing her new album Scarlet. Attention and latest single Paint The Town Red have garnered critical acclaim, with the latter becoming the fastest female rap song in history to reach 100 million streams on Spotify. Doja Cat will release the third single from it tomorrow, Demons. She’s also on everyone’s lips right now after all the controversy surrounding her fans and the way she speaks about them on social media, denouncing their passion for her. Chaos.

Since the album cover saga yesterday, Doja Cat has deleted the announcement post from her Instagram and Chaver haven’t posted or commented on the drama. The two album covers are almost identical except the Chaver one has text on and the little drop of blood is smaller and more round.

Stay tuned on if there’s going to be a new Doja Cat album cover comment, because right now – it’s all very confusing. Is it all a PR move or is something else going on?

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