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Love Island Movie Night 2023 ranking

Ranking the Love Islanders by who came out looking the worst after Movie Night

Justice for Scott!!!

Who needs Oppenheimer? Who needs Greta Gerwig’s Barbie? We’ve got the Love Island Movie Night – back for 2023 with a vengeance fuelled sequel in the saga of great hours of reality TV. For 2023, it was better than ever and gone were the cliffhangers and anticlimaxes and in was a solid episode of drama, revelations and people looking either like scorned souls or scum of the earth. What better way to celebrate than ranking all the Islanders by who came out looking the worst after Love Island Movie Night 2023? Exactly. Let’s go.

18 and 17. Whitney and Lochan

Unproblematic icons who are just thriving and came out without a crumb of drama around them. We wish them well, and we wish them a nice big win and 50 grand. MY people.

16. Jess

God, I weep for Jess. She’s literally salt of the earth and gets it thrown back in her face time after time. We need her released from the evil Sammy. Her tears broke me!

15. Kady

Kady McDermott was mothering last night. She spoke up! She called people out! And I loved it. Great telly, classic Islander and it’s episodes like last night’s that make me overjoyed she came back to Love Island.


14 and 13. Zach and Molly

These two’s only crime last night was being boring as sin, but considering they just sat there in silence I can’t really be too mad about it.

12, 11, 10 and 9. Ouzy, Amber, Abi and Elom

Here is a dump of Casa Amor head turners who didn’t really do anything wrong besides come onto Love Island and do what they needed to do. Not a big fan of most of this bunch but they aren’t villains.

8. Scott

Yeah, it was out of order when he snapped back at Leah and I don’t blame the girls for calling it out – but they literally sniped at him first and said “nobody wants you”… Scott was right! He’s getting a terrible time and deserves better. Justice for Scott, I say!

7. Ella

I mean, it didn’t look great for Ella did it? She handled it well, but I bet it was quite literally squeaky bum time.

6. Mitchel


I mean, it didn’t look great for Ella did it? She handled it well, but I bet it was quite literally squeaky bum time.

6. Mitchel


How the mighty have fallen, unfortunately. She used to be Whitney tier of icon, but now Catherine is just bad vibes. Her movie was fine but her angst towards Scott just feels so mean spirited.

4. Leah

Love Island movie night 2023 ranking


Really bad vibes for me here, I fear. Scott handled the situation a million times better and Leah came across a bit odd. Did feel sorry for her re. the Montel scenes in Love Island Movie Night 2023 – her ranking would have been better if she hadn’t been so sly to Scott who LEST WE FORGET she tried to couple up with early on.

3. Tyrique

Oh dear, oh dear. The egging on king got exposed. And it did NOT look good.

2. Montel

Montel is either being boring or being horrible, and there’s nothing else going for him. That’s literally it. I’m sick of it – him and Leah need an urgent dumping from the villa as far as I’m concerned.

1. Sammy


Get this man out of my sight.

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