Misfits cast doing now

From dressing gown TikTok lives to doing drag on film: What the Misfits cast are up to now

Curtis just won big at the British Independent Film Awards

If you weren’t obsessed with Misfits when you were about 14 in the early 2010s, you were doing something wrong. That show was EVERYTHING. Gritty, well written, funny, scary and a fun premise of superpowers that had the MCU cowering in fear – for those first few seasons you just couldn’t go wrong. I used to have the poster as my Facebook header picture, for god’s sake. The cast of Misfits all became overnight big acting names. It’s been years since the show was on and even more years since it was good (we don’t talk about the last two seasons), so here’s what the Misfits cast are all doing now.

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett – Curtis

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett was the longest serving main cast member of Misfits – he played Curtis into the fourth series when everyone else had left the show. Since that role, he’s gone on and done huge things including playing a lead role in Utopia on Channel 4, playing a major role in the successful 2021 Candyman horror reboot and recently winning a BIFA for his portrayal of Jules in queer revenge thriller Femme – where he performed in full drag. Gagged.

Iwan Rheon – Simon

Iwan Rheon had a huge journey with his Simon character arc on Misfits, going from the insular to the hero and arguably the most complex character of the bunch. Of all the cast of Misfits, he’s the one who’s been doing the most that audiences now will recognise him from. Most notably being his lead role as Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones, where he played one of the most brutal villains ever. He returned to his brutal role vibes with Wolf on iPlayer last year.

Lauren Socha – Kelly

Lauren Socha doesn’t do much acting these days, but she does a lot of TikTok lives. Often having a ciggy in her dressing gown. she did some TV work but in 2012 she got convicted of racially aggravated assault, to which she plead guilty.

Antonia Thomas – Alisha

When looking at what the cast of Misfits are doing now, rest assured Antonia Thomas is booked and busy. She’s had a fair few TV roles, playing a main part in The Good Doctor, taking the lead in Suspect on Channel 4 in 2022 and in 2023 she’s had the lead role in comedy series Still Up for Apple TV.

Robert Sheehan – Nathan

Misfits cast doing now

I don’t think anyone would dispute that Robert Sheehan was the It Girl of Misfits. Truly the breakout star. Everyone was obsessed with him. He had me falling to my knees with Nathan’s goofy nonsense. He had film roles like Cherrybomb with Rupert Grint in the late 00s, and was in flop franchise launch of The Mortal Instruments. He’s been best known for his major role in Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, which he’s been starring in since 2019.

Joe Gilgun – Rudy

Misfits cast doing now

Another one of those seminal crushes. Rudy took over Nathan’s funny man role when Robert Sheehan left the show, and he stayed until the end of the show. Since being on Misfits, he had huge success with This Is England’s return, a main role as a vampire on Preacher and of course leading the hit comedy series Brassic with Michelle Keegan.

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