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The Apprentice 2024 memes

Grab some fishcake crumble and enjoy these 21 The Apprentice memes from last night

Never been happier for a show to return in my life

The Apprentice 2024 roared back into life with an absolutely amazing premiere to be honest, that was as funny as the show always is at its best and with a proper cast of characters on board. Just when The Traitors ends and you mourn the memes, and just when Love Island All Stars isn’t giving – The Apprentice comes through for 2024 with all the goodies. Here’s a roundup of the funniest memes from the first episode of series 18, which saw the candidates make a corporate away day for clients in Scotland to disastrous results as per.

1. The best moment of the episode and a top tier moment of all time

2. The world stopped when the clapping began

3. The annual forced laughs return!

4. Nostalgic Harpreet supremacy

5. They ASKED for a tip!?!

6. Long slog this life for me

7. I personally would be so excited for the nonsense