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Drag Race fans have noticed a huge editing error that proves the producers are acting wild

This is so ridiculous

Drag Race producers are as main character as the queens at this point in Drag Race history, such is the infamy of their production editing, tricks and sound effects – and in the latest episode of season 15 fans have spotted a major error that reveals how spliced the episode’s final edits really are.

This week’s episode was a lip sync lalaparuza, which since 2019 Ru has been fond of carting out towards the midseason in order to force the queens to scrap it out to various bops before the last queen standing ends up sashaying away when she’s failed to be declared safe. This year was exactly as we’ve come to know and love, with the safe queens getting to watch the rest of the performances back in the Werk Room.

When it got down to the final three – Ru announced the twist that out of the bottom three, consisting of Anetra, Jax and Spice, one queen would get the chance to save a queen and the two remaining would lip sync for their life. Anetra was the queen who ended up choosing the safe queen, and she chose Spice who joined the other queens back in the Werk Room.

But this Drag Race editing error randomly shows Spice at the back of the main stage right after viewers had just seen her talking with the safe queens, and it’s so jarring.


Production must have been on one #dragrace #rupaulsdragrace #dragrace15 #fyp

♬ original sound – vbuck

One of the comments saying it wasn’t Spice, but Aura Mayari’s dead dad back to haunt everyone is absolutely KILLING ME OFF.

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