Pleasure Boys XXL Belfast

Inside the viral, wild Pleasure Boys XXL show in Belfast that got completely ‘out of hand’

‘The show isn’t meant to be seedy, but a few excited women had a few to drink and got a bit handsy’

One of the wildest stories to go viral this year is the chaos that went down at a show put on by Pleasure Boys XXL at The Devenish in Belfast over the weekend. If you haven’t seen any clips from this; tread carefully. The video shows full frontal willy flying around everywhere and women allegedly mimicking sex acts with the male dancers. The whole fiasco has split people down the middle, with some locals up in arms at the “lewd disgrace” and others thinking it’s all just a bit of a laugh.

The event was held on 17th February as a “Valentine’s Special” – and for the bargain price of 15 quid you could go along for what was promised to be a “Guaranteed night filled with exciting thrills! Perfect for a girl’s night out!” When the chaos of the videos went viral, locals branded it “disgraceful” – and said The Devilish Complex is a family venue and they shouldn’t be bringing Magic Mike style shows to the venue.

Before the clothes came off

But what was meant to happen? Do the women normally get so, ahem, stuck in? A representative from Pleasure Boys XXL in a statement to PinkNews said: “We are a fully nude male revue show that tours throughout the UK and Europe. Our show is a combination of dancing, acrobatics, fire and nudity and we perform 100s of these shows every year without many issues.

“Regarding the Northern Ireland show, everything was going to plan with the exception of a few excited ladies who had a few to drink and with the presence of the boys, they got a little bit handsy.

“It’s a shame that the whole event which was very entertaining throughout the night has been portrayed by the few videos that have gone viral for the wrong reasons. The show is not meant to be seedy and I am positive that the guests in attendance would agree with this.”

This is in contrast to another anonymous attendee, a woman who has spoken out to Belfast Live about what it was like to attend Pleasure Boys XXL in Belfast and if the show really got as out of hand as it appeared to – and the event is currently under investigation by the PSNI (Police Service Northern Ireland).

“Myself and few friends attend the event on Saturday night. I myself was not drinking but other friends were.

“The men themselves put on good show the first half then after a long break the second half took a turn. I have never seen anything like it, was gob-smacked, but I did not leave as it was all for a laugh and was glad that none of the men came near me as I would have died off.”


Devenish bring them back to Belfast bring some spice into this country #belfast #northernireland

Devenish bring them back to Belfast bring some spice into this country #belfast #northernireland

John Woodward, the director of Pleasure Boys XXL, said on the Nolan Show on BBC: “The videos are the ending where the girls stormed the stage, this wasn’t planned, this just happened. The boys came out and took a bow and the girls stormed the stage, then they carried on dancing with the girls. They weren’t just going to walk off at the stage at that point.

“There was absolutely no sexual contact during the show. Everything we do, it’s crowd participation and everything is simulated, there’s no sort of sexual acts going on during the show.”

The woman speaking to Belfast Live disagreed with John, saying “The end of the show where the Pleasure Boys’ manager stated that the women stormed the stage is not true; the boys asked for girls to go up on stage to dance with each of them. At this point the men only had their trousers on, no tops.

“To which it ended the men stripping down to nothing and doing what they did as you see in videos being shared on social media. Women were out for a laugh but the ending was uncalled for and a disgrace in my opinion. We left at that point as it was wild!”

Pure carnage.

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