Royal Match adverts

Right, what the hell is going on with every British celeb doing a Royal Match game advert?

Do we need to save AJ Odudu, Olly Murs and Rylan from a basement somewhere?

Royal Match is literally … everywhere. EVERYWHERE. To be honest, it kind of always has been when I think about it. I can’t play a game on my phone – or, forgive me, open Grindr – without being greeted by a wailing cartoon king who has somehow managed to get himself lodged under a load of tiles that may or may not look a bit like the ones in a game we shall call, for legal reasons, Mandy Mush. Considering he’s meant to be a monarch and for that very reason surely has an entourage of many people looking after his interests and welfare, it remains unclear to someone who’s never once played Royal Match why this king is constantly in states of distress including being trapped underground as water floods his cavern, or in a pit with a dragon that’s inexplicably swirling around a pile of tiles. But what’s even more unclear is how the mobile game Royal Match has managed to seemingly get every British celeb in the country on board to do adverts. But where did this all come from?

Royal Match recently has seen an endless slew of celebs doing adverts for the game, including big British names like Amanda Holden, Rylan Clark, Olly Murs, Stacey Solomon, Dermot O’Leary, Tess Daly and Vernon Kay.

Simon Cowell is probably the biggest name out of all the celebs doing Royal Match adverts, and that’s because he has allegedly been paid a seven figure sum to do so. Simon Cowell has previously said he doesn’t own a smartphone, saying in 2020 that he hasn’t used a phone in three years. It’s all a bit random.

A source told The Sun in July: “Simon rarely puts his name to anything for advertising but the offer from this was too good to turn down. He will make a seven-figure sum from this advert for a mobile phone game. Simon filmed it last week and it will air in the coming months. For someone who doesn’t own a mobile phone, it seems an odd choice to have Simon fronting it. But the execs thought he was the perfect choice.”