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Love Island All Stars iconic cast

The most iconic thing every Love Island All Stars Islander did on their original season

Georgia Harrison gave us the Amber Davies meme, and for that we must thank her

To get an invite to be in the cast of Love Island All Stars, you’d expect the entry criteria would be to have at least done something iconic on the telly. For the most part, the cast really did hit the brief – although if you ask me, they wasted a load of the good ones on “Love Island Games”. Which no one on this earth watched. Sorry. Anyway – here we are with this bunch of Islanders and, to be fair to them, they’ve made some good telly for us so far. But what about on their original season? Here’s a rundown of the Love Island All Stars cast and their most iconic thing they did on their OG series!

Luis – The hot tub fight

The girls overhear Luis and Josh Ritchie talking in the hot tub about the girls in the villa, basically saying they’re all a 6 and they’re used to dating 10s. Absolutely vile – but it then leads to confrontation where the lads get fuming even though they were the ones in the wrong. Good, unfiltered Love Island telly.

Hannah – Literally getting proposed to

And she said yes. She literally said yes. Not that it ended well but COME ON, what an iconic moment to have in the first ever series.

Georgia H – Choosing Kim and causing THAT Amber face

Just a historical two minutes of TV, to be honest. Georgia doesn’t give a shite about “playing it safe”, picks Kem, Amber pulls her immortal face and Ken rushes to her to give her a reassuring kiss. Jonny then picks Amber and says “I wasn’t given much of a choice due to a “certain gigantic bellend”. Not referring to Georgia, but still. They don’t make TV like this anymore!

Georgia Steel – LOYAL

She’s never escaping it… SHE’S LOYAL! She’s got a neon sign in the villa quoted in her honour for god’s sake.

Anton – Craig David tears

She’s never escaping it… SHE’S LOYAL! She’s got a neon sign in the villa quoted in her honour for god’s sake.

Anton – Craig David tears

Chris was only in the villa 14 days but he left a lasting impression, mostly due to the fact he taught the whole cast to “salmon dive”. Stupid that this is a show about finding love but all I want to watch them do is be silly and goofy and dive in the pool like a flapping fish.

Callum and Molly – The Casa recoupling

Not the most joyous of iconic moments but this was clearly a SAGA. I guess it’s iconic for Callum and Molly because despite the sadness it caused for Shaughna, the two of them proved it was worth it and the right choice by leaving the show and having a long term relationship. A necessary heartbreak.

Demi – Heartbreak at Casa

Demi’s most iconic moment on Love Island was just how much of a lovely girl she was. Was so hard seeing her heartbreak here, and even Nas didn’t have a bad word to say about her.

Toby – Pumping in the gym after losing a challenge

In one of the funniest clips in Love Island history, here’s Toby furiously on the weights after spitting his dummy out because he lost a challenge. CLASSIC.

Kaz – Being the best communicator at all times

That is mother right there, honestly. The way she just completely defeats him with wit and logic is next level. She never stutters. Legendary stuff.

Jake – Kicking off on movie night

“Do you think it’s all me, yeah!? DO YOU FINK IT’S ALL ME?!” Why you would ever got up against Faye when you can barely sound confident in your own words is beyond me. Haunting.

Liberty – Coming to her senses and binning off Jake


After the ultimate iconic catalyst of the above video where the girls can barely hide their feelings on Jake, Liberty realises what we all knew all along – he’s not the one for her. She then sends him packing and they quit the show – one of the truly best iconic moments from all the Love Island All Stars cast.

Mitchel – ‘Messy Mitch’, from start to fin

A tornado of the worst and most toe-curlingly cringe behaviour you could ever hope to see on this show. For that, Mitch – we thank you.

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