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Meet Sachin: The determined Barb who made Nicki Minaj get her music done

Sachin and Nicki have been hanging out irl and his TikTok bio says he’s her P.A…

We all remember where we were when Nicki Minaj went on live with a fan and we discovered Sachin. Sachin was gifted to the world and since then, he goes viral on TikTok once a week thanks to his serious nature and commitment to the cult of Barb. Nicki clearly has a soft spot for him – but where did Sachin and Nicki Minaj all begin, and where is it going to go? Here’s all you need to know.

‘Oop… me?’

On an Instagram Live, history was made. “I don’t bullshit, I don’t BS,” Sachin says. “And you ain’t gon’ be into gossip?” The Queen of Rap replies? “No. I hate gossip. I hate drama. I hate toxic people. I will shut it down.”

“Okay so if I hired two assistants and one of them was trying to get some gossip on the lee-low, what would you do?” Nicki quizzes. Sachin then says “I would be like, that’s irrelevant. Let’s focus on what we need to focus right now. You need to get your music done.” Whilst Nicki does her now famous and viral “Oop! Me? I got told off!”

It’s historical. Comedy gold. One of those videos you can’t scroll past without laughing at. I watch it to the end every time.

Thing is though, the video was a while back and Nicki is yet to get the music done. Fans are speculating Sachin got to work and now the album has a release date – Pink Friday 2 is coming in November, and Nicki’s dropping a new single on September 1st. Which, to her credit, sounds amazing. Or is it to Sachin’s credit? The elusive queen getting the Queen of Rap in that studio.

‘Work is work’


♬ Last Time I Saw You – Nicki Minaj

The Barbie sent the Barbs into a spin last night when she posted with Sachin on TikTok, hanging out with him. All he had to say was “Work is work” – he’s so real. He would end unemployment in this country.

Everyone’s memeing the snippet of Nicki Minaj’s new single Last Time I Saw You thanking Sachin for his service too, and it’s so real. He really came through for all of us Barbs – and it’s made me love Nicki more that she’s so in on the laughs.


😭gotta love Sach!! #fyp #pinkfriday2

♬ Last Time I Saw You – Nicki Minaj

But who actually is the elusive Sachin? He’s posting videos on his TikTok ranting about stuff and he’s so serious that it’s just compulsive watching.



♬ original sound – Sach

His bio on TikTok, where he’s now got over 70,000 followers, declares himself as Nicki Minaj’s PA. Nobody knows if he’s joking or not, but if recent content is anything to go by he might be telling the truth.

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