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Celebrity Big Brother memes

The only thing more chaos than Celebrity Big Brother last night are these 20 memes about it

The blue shirt guy who got ignored for a fist bump stole the show

The only thing more chaotic than a Celebrity Big Brother launch night is the tweets and the memes that go alongside it, and last night the CBB memes were as chaos as ever. As the show got more and more unhinged with loose cannons Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne firing off with both barrels, Twitter was alive with the funniest memes, tweets and reactions you could ask for. Here is a round up of all the best ones for you to laugh at before we get obsessed with even more when tonight’s episode comes around.

1. Levi AROOTS darlin’ AROOTS!

2. That poor fella is mortified

3. Beep beep I’m back in my Fiat 500

4. Louis was in his xoxo, Gossip Girl era


6. But with worse surprised acting

7. The producers were screaming

8. Pack this in right now hahaha

— Stephen (@stephenwatsonnn) March 4, 2024

If this isn’t a sign to get @Rylan back idk what is!! #CBBUK #CBB

— Lewis (@lewisjsloman) March 5, 2024

10. Oh she was SINGING, mama


12. He had his notes

13. Truly the legs of Britain

14. They haven’t got a clue

15. Leave Ar David alone!

16. A great night to be Debbie Stevens

17. Just absolute bedlam

18. It ain’t adding up my love


20. The doll is BUSY girlies, she’s busy

Make sure you tune in tonight for even more chaos as housemates confront Louis and Sharon.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight on ITV and ITV X. For all the latest reality TV news and more like this on Celebrity Big Brother, and for all the best memes and quizzes, like The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook.  

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