Doctor Who Tardis quiz

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you if the Doctor would let you in the Tardis

‘I only take the best’

The only thing more important than having a good Doctor holding the reins on Doctor Who is making sure the two-hearted Time Lord is taking someone along with them worth having. The Ninth Doctor once said he only takes the best, but that’s up for debate as far as I’m concerned. You might be like me and watch this show wondering how well you’d fare in the Tardis, travelling around time and space with an alien and facing danger at every place you land. Honestly, I don’t think the Doctor could be arsed with me – but it’s nice to be deluded. But one thing that will check your delusion and really put the timey wimey cats amongst the timey wimey pigeons is this Doctor Who quiz that will determine whether the Doctor would let you in the Tardis or not.

If you fancy yourself as much of a go-getter as Rose Tyler, as resourceful and day saving as Martha Jones, as lovable and honest as Donna Noble, as annoying as Amy Pond, as toxic as Clara, as underrated as Bill and as irrelevant as the entire “Tardis Fam” saga – take this Doctor Who quiz and see for yourself if the Doctor would actually let you in the Tardis. Your past, present and future might depend on it.

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