MAFS UK 2023 reunion

The MAFS UK reunion was garbage: Here’s how they could have made it actually good

Watching a reunion three months after it was filmed is beyond pointless

The MAFS UK reunion for the 2023 series finally aired last night, and what a waste of time it was for literally everyone involved. It’s such a shame that a drama filled series that had us all hooked squandered the opportunity to make a good reunion that had us all invested. If you didn’t know the MAFS UK reunion happened last night with the 2023 lot, I wouldn’t blame you. Why should you? The show finished on November 16th – over three months ago. The whole thing was filmed way before that, and we all knew the cast had moved on a lot since they filmed the main series. So what was the point? Here’s why the MAFS UK 2023 reunion crashed and burned last night – and what it could have done to have been actually worth watching.

It was like watching an old episode of Gogglebox

If you are the kind of person who is invested enough in MAFS UK to watch a reunion, you are probably going to have a check up on the cast on their social media feeds after the show ends. The cast have obviously been adapting to their newfound fame and have been pretty prolific on Instagram and TikTok – updating fans on what they’re up to and who they’re dating.

MAFS UK 2023 reunion

The MAFS UK reunion was filmed in November. The episode played out like we’ve all known nothing about them all since the filming date. The Matt and Shona dating stuff was put across like it was top secret, but everyone knows. Worse still was so much of the reunion was centred around Georges and Peggy still being together and saying they love each other and finally having sex, even though for the last week or so the entire MAFS news circuit has been dominated by their very messy breakup. The reunion just pretends we don’t know this.

The cast was good, it was just dated

Look, you can’t criticise producers for inviting the wrong people back to the reunion – everyone was there you’d want to hear an update from. The issue is we just already know it. Forced and contrived drama that was probably squashed months ago. It was jut frustrating.

I think going forward if the show wants to do a reunion, they need to get it airing timely so we can all genuinely be shocked by the updates and so the drama is fresh.

Nobody wants to read old news, and that reunion was just stale.

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