Inside the ‘delusional edit’ on Drag Race, and the queens who got stuck with it

How is Loosey meant to live, laugh, let loose in these conditions?

We all know the producers of RuPaul’s Drag Race have their go to when editing the queens for a season’s storyline. The structure of Drag Race means that queens have to slot into varying narratives in order for the season to be a satisfying watch. You need an underdog, a villain, old school VS new school, comedy VS fashion, the list goes on. One of the most prominent (and probably most unpleasant) is the ‘delusional edit’, which we’re seeing unfold on season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race right now.

The delusional edit on Drag Race is where a queen comes across increasingly pissed off and frustrated because they haven’t won the challenge or don’t agree with the judges critiques, and the edit makes them look neurotic. It’s worth noting that as of right now not one queen has won who received this edit. Yikes. Here’s a rundown of everyone’s who’s suffered it…


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Shannel was the blueprint for this edit all the way back on season one of Drag Race, where her increasing frustration with not being told what she wanted (and deserved to) hear from the judges resulted in her choosing herself to leave. She was so real for that, the show must have been driving her mad. It’s funny how she got this edit even though I’d truly argue she was correct? How Rebecca Glasscock placed higher … beyond belief.

Serena ChaCha

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Only on the show for a short time, Serena managed to piss everyone off with her ‘art school’ delusion and attitude. Perhaps one deserving of the edit on season five I fear.

Laganja Estranja

Drag Race delusional edit

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Laganja Estranja spent most of season six saying okcurrrr mama and crying on Untucked – it must have been a breeze for the producers to make her look as delusional as they wanted. Thankfully, she’s come out of it all unscathed and is one of the most beloved queens from the franchise today. Her impact is huge.

Miss Fame

Drag Race delusional edit

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Miss Fame walked into season seven thinking the crown was hers, and I have to kind of respect it. It didn’t matter that all she could serve was sickening runways, you couldn’t tell her NOTHING. She’s smashing life now regardless, and don’t trust anyone who doesn’t say that Rubber Doll is one of the best songs from any Ru girls.

Thorgy Thor

Drag Race delusional edit

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Poor Thorgy got the shit end of the stick both seasons of Drag Race, with the show relishing the opportunity to make her look dumb or bitter. She’s insanely talented I just don’t think she thrives in competition environments. Hilarious icon, though.

Alexis Michelle

Well, Tamar… have you ever watched the show?


Drag Race delusional edit

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Milk’s descent from her season six hero edit to the delusional villain arc she got on All Stars 3 is insane. She really thought she was gobbling on her All Stars return. “A lot of emotions for safe.”


The face says it all. The show wanted this queen BROKEN.

Loosey LaDuca


Loosey is absolutely going through it this season. They want Jan 2.o. Delusional edit is delusioning!

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