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Every Taylor Swift album, ranked by how high it scores on Metacritic

1989 has been done so dirty

Everyone has their own ranking of how they’d order Taylor Swift albums from worst to best, and there’s decent arguments for each on how this would be. Swifties can literally never agree, because every Taylor Swift fan has their own connection and relationship with each album for different reasons. So what is the definitive best to worst ranking of Taylor Swift albums? Maybe we should leave it up to the professionals. Here’s a rundown of every Taylor Swift album ranked by its critic score on review aggregator Metacritic.

13. Taylor Swift (Metascore: 67)

Coming in last is the self-titled 2006 debut album Taylor Swift – a result that will shock no one. There are some banger singles found here – Our Song, Teardrops On My Guitar, Should’ve Said No – but no self respecting Swiftie has this high on their ranking. Perhaps its upcoming Taylor’s Version will fare better.

12. Reputation (Metascore: 71)

Taylor Swift Metacritic

The much maligned “Old Taylor can’t come to the phone because she’s dead” album has been done royally dirty by its Metacritic score. Only just scraping a score in the 70s when it’s home to Delicate, Call It What You Want, New Year’s Day, Getaway Car, I Did Something Bad and Don’t Blame Me? Please be serious.

11. Fearless (Metascore: 73)

Taylor Swift Metacritic

I’ve not listened to the none Taylor’s Version of this seminal sophomore album in YEARS. And going forward, nor should you!

10. 1989 (Metascore: 76)

Taylor Swift Metacritic

I am actually going to riot on the streets over this one. How an album this perfect, a literal modern day pop bible, has such a lukewarmly positive Metacritic score is a Taylor Swift travesty. I will only forgive and forget if 1989 Taylor’s Version emerges with a 100.

9. Red (Metascore: 77)

Taylor Swift Metacritic

At the time of release, Red had the highest Metacritic score of any Taylor Swift album along with Speak Now. The Taylor’s Version is clearly the edition to be listening to.

8. Speak Now (Metascore: 77)

After a shaky start with the despicable lead single Me and the equally hellish You Need To Calm Down following that, everyone thought Lover would be a dumpster fire. It was a relief to find that this album is brilliant, them two songs aside. Some of her best ever songs lurk here – the title track, Cruel Summer and the underrated False God.

6. Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) [Metascore: 80]

The latest Taylor’s Version in the release schedule, and honestly – in my opinion – the least good one. The From The Vault batch don’t really add much to the proceedings and I think the fact that the Metascore has only gone up by three points isn’t much to wow at considering the leap in Fearless and Red.

5. Fearless (Taylor’s Version) [Metascore: 82]

A proper astonishingly good wow. All eyes were on Fearless Taylor’s Version as the first rerelease – and the success of it has ensured every rerelease is an event within itself. The Vault songs bang and the classics have never sounded better. The definitive early days Taylor album.

4. Evermore (Metascore: 85)

Taylor Swift Metacritic

Taylor Swift following up her best album ever with a sequel a few months later was wondrous, and I’m overjoyed to see the high Metacritic score for Evermore be exactly what it deserves. Home to the excellence of Champagne Problems, Gold Rush, Tolerate It and Right Where You Left Me. We’re not worthy.

3. Midnights (Metascore: 85)

A behemoth album that tore the culture apart and broke every record doing it. Not sure I’d have it above some ranked lower than it here but the start of Midnights is especially excellent.

2. Folklore (Metascore: 88)

Taylor Swift Metacritic

I mean, it’s Folkore. What did you expect? It is what this album deserves. Her best ever work. I’m in child’s pose at its wonder on every listen.

1. Red (Taylor’s Version) [Metascore: 91]

The big mama of Taylor Swift albums with something for everyone got even bigger and even more mama with its Taylor’s Version rerelease, a long biblical odyssey of Swiftian legacy and home to her best ever song – All Too Well (10 Min Version) [Taylor’s Version]. Deserves every bit of its acclaim.

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