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Madame Web plot holes

All the mindblowingly stupid plot holes in Madame Web

Does literally anyone know what’s going on?

Trying to find plot holes in Madame Web is not exactly hard, since there’s more of them than there are actual scenes that make sense. Still, laughing at this absolute disaster of a movie has been one of the biggest joys of 2024 so far, so here’s a little rundown of all the plot holes in Madame Web that seem to make even less sense the more you think about them.

Cassie’s mum going to the Amazon whilst heavily pregnant

The way the Amazon is one of, if not THEE, most dangerous places on the planet and Cassie’s mum sets off there to research spiders. Granted, she did this to help Cassie and was motivated for that but it’s still completely farfetched. What research expedition would accept or support this logic? Pack it in.

Cassie dumping the girls in the woods

Madame Web plot holes

Why on earth would you just leave three girls in the woods in the middle of nowhere!?!?!?

The girls disobeying Cassie and going to the diner

This one makes me laugh because not only have the three girls seen the danger of Ezekiel trying to kill them, literally witnessing him first hand, they trek off to the diner for some food and table dancing to Toxic by Britney and nearly die because of it. Insanity. Pure film nonsense which no one would do.

Ezekiel beating up police and managing to blame Cassie

Instead of tracking the girls and Cassie, when he has the means to do so, the villain Ezekiel beats up cops in his spider-suit for no reason and somehow manages to make it all Cassie’s fault. How he does this we have no idea.

We have no clue how the girls get their powers

Ezekiel wants the girls dead because in his visions he sees them killing him in the future. Okay, but how on earth do these girls become superheroes? Are we meant to just wait til a sequel to understand why this happens? We’re never told and nothing is ever clear.

Cassie going to Peru and back in the space of about five minutes

You’d think Peru was the size of a playground with the speed this little Madame gets there, gets to the exact location she needs to be, gets her info and legs it back to New York again. Give me strength.

The stupid letter ‘S’

In one of Cassie’s first ever visions, we see a letter ‘S’ float by her in a way the suggests this is going to be really significant. It is not significant in the slightest. When the final fight comes around, that ‘S’ is revealed to be in the big Pepsi sign that the girls battle with Ezekiel on. When the sign comes crashing down, does the ‘S’ do anything important? Is Ezekiel crushed by an ‘S’? Of course not. He’s crushed by a ‘P’. Anyway!

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