Apprentice power ranking: Both of these lunchboxes put me right off my food

Bring back Tupperware methinks

Sigh. Here we are again then, I guess! After the lows and lowers of Dubai, two people sent packing and barely a win in sight in the boardroom, this cursed bunch of candidates are back for a new week, a new challenge, and a new way for all of us to just wish we watched the Love Island Casa Amor recouping instead. I usually look forward to power rankings with glee and giddiness, but this year if I’m brutally honest it’s been comparable to yanking my own teeth out with pliers. Anyway. We’re here, let’s get on with it – my power ranking for The Apprentice 2023 week seven.

10. Marnie

Apprentice power ranking 2023 seven


The worst vibes imaginable. How she was not fired this week is beyond belief, it is JUST beyond belief.

9. Sohail


Absolutely gorgeous but utterly useless. Has not done a thing of note for the past seven weeks and was living on borrowed time.

8. Mark


Pure evil.

7. Rochelle

Apprentice 2023 power ranking seven


I just need her to beat Marnie and I’ll die happy. Marnie is the reigning nemesis I fear.

6. Avi

Have no clue where to stand with Avi anymore. Is he a social experiment? Does he care? Singing Affinity is going to hell I just cannot cope. The piratey beat is low key fire though.

5. Megan


She actually fell off this week I did not see a crumb!

4. Simba

Okay this was really funny, I’ll give you that!

3. Dani

Apprentice 2023 power ranking seven


It was very mother of her when she demanded to be project manager this week because she was wearing her best outfit.

2. Bradley

I really have gone around the houses with this one, but I’ve decided that Bradley is a great candidate. He’s got a lot of losses, but he’s really pragmatic and reasonable and holds himself well in the boardroom. I thought he got a rough ride in the boardroom this week for no reason whatsoever.

1. Victoria

We had a slight blip last week when she was very team Dubai, but we’re back on form with the queen who is pretty much always on the right side of the situation. She was right the whole way through this task, and I honestly think she’s going to win the whole thing and get the investment. She’s had the most times atop The Apprentice 2023 power ranking for a reason, and on week seven she’s back in biz!

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