Here’s how old the cast of Heartstopper season two are compared to their characters

How am I meant to believe Kit Connor is 16?

Heartstopper season two is finally on Netflix and it’s a great day to be gay. The acclaimed show is back, and after last year became nothing short of a cultural phenomenon everyone’s been desperate to see the story of Nick and Charlie carry on – and in my case, hope and pray to get more Olivia Colman on my screen. Since season one, the cast of Heartstopper have got so famous that I don’t think many queer people in the UK wouldn’t be able to name them. But what are the ages of the cast of Heartstopper season two compared to the characters they play on the Netflix show? Here’s a handy guide.

Kit Connor – Nick Nelson

Age: 19

Kit Connor is easily the most famous of the Hearstopper cast, and he’s now 19 years old despite the fact that he plays Nick Nelson, a 16 year old. He looks about as 16 as I do, and I’m 27 year of age.

Joe Locke – Charlie Spring

Age: 19

Joe Locke, a new recruit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe when he isn’t Heartstopping, is of course back for season two of Heartstopper and Charlie is meant to be still 15 in the show, one of the youngest of the cast ages. Joe is 19 years old, but looks younger than Kit Connor to be fair so it’s still a bit more believable.

Yasmin Finney – Elle Argent

Age: 19

Heartstopper season two cast ages

Yasmin Finney plays Elle Argent, Charlie’s trans friend who transferred to an all girl’s school in season one. Yasmin is also going to be in the new specials of Doctor Who alongside David Tennant and Catherine Tate! Elle, like Nick, is meant to be 16 whilst Yasmin is 19 irl.

William Gao – Tao Xu

Age: 20

Heartstopper season two cast ages

Tao is the same age as Charlie in Heartstopper, 15 years old. William Gao who plays him is actually five years older at 20 years old.

Sebastian Croft – Ben Hope

Age: 21

Heartstopper season two cast ages

The evil evil Ben Hope is Charlie’s ex, and is in the same year as Nick – making the character 16 years old even though Sebastian Croft who plays him is actually 21.

Corinna Brown – Tara Jones

Age: 24

Tara is 15 in the first few episodes of season two of Heartstopper and turns 16 on episode six, but her actress Corinna is actually 24 making her one of the oldest ages of the cast. She’s playing nine years younger than she is at the start of the season!

Kizzy Edgell – Darcy Olsssen

Age: 20 (nearly 21)

Heartstopper season two cast ages

Kizzy plays Darcy – Tara’s girlfriend. The character of Darcy is 16, but irl Kizzy is 20 and just about to turn 21 in 10 days at the time of publishing.

Rhea Norwood – Imogen Heaney

Age: 21

Season one Nick fancier Imogen is played by Rhea Norwood. Rhea is 21 now in real life, but Imogen is actually 16 in the show.

Tobie Donovan – Isaac Henderson

Age: 20

Aw, here’s Isaac looking super wholesome with his queer books. In the show, Tobie Donovan is playing 15 years old but he’s actually 20 now in real life.

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