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I Kissed a Boy new arrivals

Introducing the three new gays who’ve just sashayed into the I Kissed a Boy masseria

Dan’s causing carnage already

I Kissed a Boy is loading on the lads thick and fast; beds are not even cold and a new batch of gays are being shuttled into the masseria. It’s all a go in Italy – but who are these new gays ready to stir up some drama? Here’s all you need to know about the three new arrivals to I Kissed a Boy!

Ceejay, 26


Ceejay’s the first new lad to join the show, and he’s a retail worker who also works as a special needs teaching assistant, with goals to move into teaching full time. Before the masseria, Ceejay’s had three relationships and usually goes for more masculine guys with body and facial hair. Speaking about his time on the show, Ceejay said “The thing I loved most was being able to share lived experiences with other gay guys in a safe space. I’ve never really had a lot of gay friends and now I have a great bunch of guys I can rely on to speak to.”

Dan, 27


“It was a giant gay holiday bursting with love, laughter, tears and drama like only us gays can deliver,” said Dan on I kissed a Boy. Dan’s 27 and works in PR, from a small town near Glasgow before moving to London and getting fully immersed and in love with the scene there. Dan’s based in East LDN, saying it’s “the only place I could live with a moustache like mine.” Dan’s turning heads straight away in the messaria – both Ollie and Mikey are clinging onto his muzzy for dear life until episode five.

Vitor, 27


Vitor is the final of the I Kissed a Boy new arrivals. Vitor is from Portugal originally, but moved over to the UK when he was 18. He’s only been in the masseria for 10 minutes and he’s already causing chaos with his love life tales and passion for sex – but I rate it. “You can expect a naughty Portuguese boy. There was a lot of laughter and I might have been part of some drama too…” I am ready.

I Kissed a Boy continues Sunday and Monday at 9pm on BBC Three and iPlayer.

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