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Ranking the couples of MAFS UK 2023 by compatibility, according to their star sign

Of course Ella and Nathanial are least compatible

Married at First Sight UK is entering its third week now, and so far for 2023 we haven’t seen one of the MAFS couples despite the show even when it seems like, quite frankly, they loathe each other. The couples have of course been matched by relationship experts, but how good a job do these three actually do when it comes to compatibility? I’m not a star sign believer, but experts have compiled the data of all the astrological compatibility of the couples according to their star sign and the results are kind of chaos. Here are all the MAFS UK couples, ranked by star sign compatibility.

8. Ella and Nathanial – 57 per cent

In what will come as a shock to absolutely no one, Ella and Nathanial have been ranked least compatible. Ella’s a Capricorn and Nathanial is a Cancer. They received a love percentage of 50, a marriage percentage of 55 and a sex percentage of 65 – giving them  a combined score of 57. Since Nathanial has now declared he’s left the show, I don’t think anyone can really argue with this one.

7. Terence and Porscha – 58 per cent

Another couple CLEARLY on the rocks, Virgo Terence and Pisces Porscha fair little better than Ella and Nathanial. Terence was the only contestant to vote leave in the first commitment ceremony, which does not bode well. The two have the lowest sexual compatibility out of all the couples, scoring just 60. They got a love score of 55 and a marriage score of 56.

6. Thomas and Rozz – 60 per cent

Tom and Rozz are Taurus and Aries respectively, and we’ve seen on the show some shaky sexual compatibility. In fact, all over compatibility has been rocky – but the two seem quite determined to make it work. They’ve got a love score of 56, a marriage score of 58 and a sex score of 65.

5. Jay and Luke – 67 per cent

Jay and Luke not being top three compatibility couples from MAFS UK according to star sign? I’m quite shocked, but I guess this is evidence to my belief that star signs are literal nonsense because these two clearly have compatible chemistry. Jay is a Libra, Luke a Virgo. They’ve got a love score of 60, and then both marriage and sex scored 70.

4. Peggy and Georges – 73 per cent

Georges is a Pisces and Peggy a Capricorn, and the two are more compatible than they might even think if the star signs are to be believed. The two got a love score of 75, a marriage score of 68 and a sex score of 77.

3. Tasha and Paul – 73 per cent

These two are so into each other, and with Paul a Virgo and Tasha a Cancer they’re apparently pretty decently compatible. They got a love score of 78, marriage of 70 and sex of 72.

2. Arthur and Laura – 75 per cent

Despite the fact they never shut up about the fact Arthur got his vows online, Arthur and Laura – a Libra and a Scorpio – are actually really compatible. They seem to be working on things a lot, so fair. They got a love score of 66, a marriage score of 78 and a sex score of 82.

1. Brad and Shona – 79 per cent

Erm, well they have been well and truly all over each other so far – but the preview for tonight’s ep suggests the honeymoon phase might be ending abruptly. Regardless, Brad and Shona – Libra and Aquarius – fair the best out of all the cast overall. Their love score is 82, marriage score 75 and sex is 80.

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