Um, an AI has turned Mario characters into villains and they’re haunting my dreams

Sheer terror in the Mushroom Kingdom

There’s nothing like booting up a Nintendo console and being greeted with the warm familiar hug of a Mario “yahoo”, a warm smile from Princess Peach and the endearingly shy awkward nerves of Luigi. We’ve had these characters as spritely little heroes in our gaming lives for as long as most of us can even remember video games. The last thing we expect to see is them displaying even the minutest crumb of malice. But then AI arrived – and things twisted. Online Casino have used MidJourney AI to turn Mario characters into villains for some twisted reason – and if I have to live my life seeing these, you have to too.


This is honestly from the depths of hell. Why does he have to have wafty blue Einstein hair? I think that’s the most traumatic bit for me, actually. Is that the logo of the assassins on his hat? What are his intentions with Peach? I never want to encounter this person in all my years on this earth.


Big Joker energy here. A Machiavellian villain even The Dark Knight would not bother with. Feel like I’m about to play a game of monopoly and if I lose I’ll get thrown to piranha plants.


Mario characters as villains

Okay… I’ll admit it. This one’s quite slay. In fact, very slay. I would actually go so far to say this is more slay than Princess Peach actually is – except with the exception of when she dons her motorbike outfit. The way the hair flicks out like she’s robbed the idea straight from Daisy is a camp move of bitchiness I simply have to applaud. Are they disco balls as earrings? Someone press play on Renaissance RIGHT NOW!


Godzilla is literally shaking right now.


Mario characters as villains

Right – of all the Mario characters as villains, this is the worst one. Not Toad! NOT my liccle baby Toad! He’s too pure for this world and you’ve made him into this pesky little LeFou crony character! I need this Toad swatted like a fly NOW.

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