Let’s face facts: Not a single couple in the All Stars villa deserves to win Love Island

How are we days from the final with 0 strong couples!?

Love Island All Stars ends in four days time – which means we only have three episodes to go before the final. In any other series of Love Island, we’ve seen really strong couples emerge from the first few weeks and clearly feel like they deserve to be contenders to win the show as we watch their relationship develop. On Love Island All Stars, this hasn’t happened at all – with tumultuous and fickle romances developing as we watched previous Islanders who are now influencers that move within the same circles go up and down pretending they’re all into each other in ways that felt consistently artificial – so who can be the winners?

We’ve never had a series of Love Island where it truly feels like there are no winners, but All Stars means that is no more. Let’s get into who we’ve got left. We have Arabella and Adam, who have been coupled up just under a week. Should the winning couple of a show called Love Island take home a cash prize when I’ve had a wintery cold that’s had longer than their duration? Probably not.

Then we have Callum and Jess – who have all the chemistry of a biology class. Crickets. I don’t think he’s into her at all, and she’s a bit of a blank slate. No fireworks, no passion – just two people in a villa together. Not a friendship couple but might as well be. There’s also an old clip of Callum declaring Jess as his least fave Islander so, erm, go figure.

Anton and Georgia Harrison next. A tough one to pin down. They have a different vibe every episode, and their apparent lack of authenticity as a romantic couple has caused many feathers to be ruffled in the All Stars villa over the last few days. Are they romantic? Are they not? Does Georgia fancy Anton or does she just like him as a person? It’s all quite confusing. I’m not sure even Georgia and Anton know. I like Anton and would be happy for him to win, but it still would feel weird if the Love Island All Stars winners were barely even romantic.


We’ve then got Georgia Steel and Toby – a drama filled, villa rocking relationship that has gone through a lot of ups and downs and upset a lot of people in the process. They seem into each other, but it also feels like the villa all think they’re huge gameplayers. Georgia is also not popular with viewers in general. So what now?

We’ve got Molly and Tom and Sophie and Josh, who feel like the most likely. Molly and Tom seem to like each other, but it is all very boring. I never feel much spark or much romance. Josh and Sophie again seem very into each other, and I guess at this point they’re the couple I think are probably most deserving. Even though still, they’re relatively new arrivals to the villa and have only been in there a few weeks.

Honestly, just scrap the love part. Let’s all vote for our favourite Islander and forget two winners, crown Anton as the rightful winner of Love Island All Stars. Even just for when he demolished Mitch all those weeks back

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