2:22 A Ghost Story Jenny

Ranking all the Jennys from 2:22 A Ghost Story based on nothing but vibes alone

The Jenny wheel has once again been spun!

The mythical Jenny. The mononymous, prodigal Jenny. Who is she? What does she stand for? Jenny has many forms, but always maintains an essence that weaves through her that’s hard to pin down. Are people born Jenny, or have Jennyness thrust upon them? Jenny is a lead role in 2:22 A Ghost Story, and since Danny Robins spooky West End play opened in 2021 the unpredictable and unexpected nature of the women who step into the shoes of Jenny has resulted in the whole thing being a meme. Endless edits of who might take over Jenny in 2:22 A Ghost Story circulate Twitter, with the best and most accurate being the joke that someone is spinning the Jenny wheel.

And with the Jenny wheel spun once again, and 2:22 A Ghost Story having now brought the total of Jennys to lucky number seven, here is my ranking of all seven Jennys from worst to best based on nothing but their general vibe. I’ve not even seen the play, just know that I am correct always and must be trusted on this as gospel.

7. Giovanna Fletcher

Truly dismal vibes here, and only one degree of separation from Carrie Hope Fletcher – which I can not endorse or get on board with.

6. Laura Whitmore

One of the most unexpected Jennys came in the form of ex-Love Island presenter Laura Whitmore, who if she acts as good as she hosted the biggest reality TV show in the country the ghosts can haunt her til the cows come home as far as I’m concerned.

5. Lily Allen

Look, I hate nepo babies as much as the next person but we will let Ar Lily off due to the fact Alright, Still is one of the best British debut albums of the 2000s, and No Shame is a gorgeous masterpiece. I just know the ghosts haunting the Lily Jenny were begging her to sing Smile for real. Or bring out Olivia Rodrigo.

4. Mandip Gill

One of the rare times where Jenny in 2:22 A Ghost Story is actually played by an actress, Mandip Gill is a good time gal who is perfectly amicable in Doctor Who, albeit a bit Corrie. Would enjoy a wine and a gossip with her though, and I think that says a lot about someone’s worth.

3. Jaime Winstone

2:22 A Ghost Story Jenny

Jaime Winstone – the latest Jenny – you were very, VERY good as the lead role in Charlie Brooker’s Big Brother/zombie apocalypse masterpiece Dead Set in 2008 and the streets will never forget it. We wish her well.

2. Constance Wu

2:22 A Ghost Story Jenny

Constance Wu? Hollywood star Constance Wu? Why is the 2022 2:22 A Ghost Story cast the vibiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life – not only is Constance devouring as Jenny but we’ve got Anna Camp of Pitch Perfect fame and Finn Wittrock from American Horror Story on board? What’s going on? Why are they all so fit? Why do they get Constance Wu and we get people who don’t even act? Bewildered but in awe.

1. Cheryl

2:22 A Ghost Story Jenny

Topping the list is OF COURSE, Cheryl – who will eternally be THEE Jenny as far as I’m concerned. I am bias to stanning Cheryl anyway, thanks to her illustrious career as a British pop icon but more for being one of the funniest celebs around who oozes good vibes and is a northern working class icon as far as I’m concerned. The vibes are immaculate. I just know the ghosts were gagged when she walked in.

Who will be next to play Jenny when the wheel is spun? At this rate, me!


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