Drag Race casting season one

People have found the first ever RuPaul’s Drag Race casting call and it’s deeply cursed

Why does RuPaul look like Joni Mitchell?

RuPaul’s Drag Race first hit screens and changed the culture forever in 2008, but from the way the show looked and felt you’d be forgiven it was in 1998. From the infamous Vaseline season one filter to the crunchy looking set, it was all a bit rickety. To add chaos to catastrophe, fans on TikTok have dug up the original casting call for season one of Drag Race and it’s the funniest, most cursed video you’re likely to see all year. Here it is in all its glory…

RuPaul is giving Joni Mitchell


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♬ original sound – hausofdrag2

RuPaul is filming it on what looks like the first ever camera from the late 1800s, and is having a conversation with herself for some reason. The future Emmy winner says “Hey Tyra [Banks]! Step back girl, the queen has returned. And you can tell Heidi [Klum] to clear the runway! Hey boo! Miss RuPaul is back to pump some REALNESS into reality!” A second Mama Ru then gags on her own fingers.

“I’m searching for America’s fiercest drag queen. You’ve gotta be an American Idol, a Top Model and a fashion designer all rolled into one. Okay? And you’ve definitely gotta be smarter than a fifth grader. Oh yeah, that’s good TV. Grrrr!

RuPaul’s Drag Race is coming soon to Logo. I’m so excited about my new show. I’m really into it. [RuPaul then simulates bouncing, sexually]. It’s gonna be a competition reality show like you’ve never seen before. Now, move that bus!”

Roxxxy Andrews’ bus perhaps? Sorry, too soon. Thank god the channel gave Mama RuPaul some budget for the Drag Race casting call following season one because I don’t think any of us should have been put through that ever again.

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